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Elite Island Resorts is a suite of all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean featuring 5-star dining, spa packages, live entertainment, and exciting outdoors adventures. From the pristine beaches to the rainforest, explore what the Caribbean has to offer.
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We received a donation for 7 resort accommodation certificates. People using the certificates still needed to pay $135-$225 per person per day. The cost was equal to making your reservations on your own. After looking at reviews, there were several poor reviews due to bad customer service. Many complained that deposits were required and once the deposit was received by Elite Resorts it was difficult to get in touch with them afterwards to confirm/finalize reservation. We will NOT be using the certificates at our Silent Auction.
RRHS Baseball Booster Club
We received 7 resort accommodation certificates. Yes, winners have to pay a fee per night, but it is something that I believe our attendees would be happy to win.
Got the Donation for 8 different location rooms. Did some research and had a lot of mixed reviews.. Problem is this is NOT a free trip to any place. They must pay $120-$200 a Night and per person. This will pay for the all inclusive package part. So its like getting the room free in a way. BUT if you search alot of times you could get the trip and plane ticket cheaper.. A lot of mixed reviews and BBB reviews aren’t good. Best of luck to all who do get donated and use them but please make sure that people understand they still have to pay its NOT free.. I chose not to raffle mine off.