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5 steps to getting in-kind donations

Create a list of leads, write your pitch, start applying, follow-up, and say thank you!

1. Create a list of companies that you’d like to target.

TheShareWay is a great place to start. See How to Find Companies that Donate for more.

2. Write out a pitch in letter format with sections that you can easily drag and drop to answer individual questions.

Every company has a different submission method. Some will require you to submit a letter while others have forms with individual questions. This format prepares you for all types of applications. See my example pitch letter.

3. Start applying to the companies with the most urgent deadlines.

Applying for donations is a big project. From working with the nonprofit community, we have learned that it is very difficult to do everything all in one sitting. We suggest breaking it up over a few days and prioritize the ones with deadlines the furthest out.

4. Follow up at least twice. 45% of the sponsors I secured said yes after the first and second follow-ups!

I won 30% of the 62 companies I contacted. Of the companies that said yes, 50% said yes from the first outreach, 22% after the first follow up, 22% after the second follow-up, and 6% after the 3rd follow-up.

5. Don’t forget to thank them after the event.

This helps you build good relationships. See my example post-event email.

Cover Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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