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Soliciting donations just got fun.

We apologize if you enjoyed cold calling and going door-to-door.

Explore local, regional, and national companies that you’d never would have imagined donated.

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Kendra Scott
approval rate
Charity Safaris
approval rate
approval rate
approval rate
approval rate
Dick's Sporting Goods
approval rate
Texas Roadhouse
approval rate

Donor Status

Don't waste time applying to companies that aren't donating.

We notify you when companies pause, resume, or end their donation programs.

Donating paused
Knit Picks
Donating paused
The BroBasket
Donating paused
Z Cioccolato
No longer donating
Marlos Bakeshop
No longer donating
La Colombe
Donating paused
Donating paused
No longer donating

User Reviews

Learn from other users' experience with each donor.

Reading tips and advice from other members is often the quickest way to tell if a donor is the right fit for you.

"CVS was so easy to work with. They responded promptly to my donation request and the form was easy to fill out."
Oriental Trading
"Quick online application. Received a digital gift card shortly after submission. Super easy to complete and a delight to work with."
Kendra Scott
"It was an easy application. The donor responded fast and approved the donation request. We got a beautiful necklace in the mail a few weeks later! It will be a big hit at our raffle!"
Charity Safaris
"They responded quickly, communicated openly and often, and ultimately made a very generous donation offer."
"A very fast YES and very fast shipping time! We received a lovely gift basket that is sure to be a hit at our event."
"Very quick to respond, offered a $50 gift card"

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    • It is only one day after signing up, and I have already received a confirmed donation.

      Wendy Robinson
      Executive Director @ San Diego Fire-Rescue Foundation
    • I had never had to solicit donations before and it worked wonders for us! We have received so many amazing donations, and our event will be the best one yet.

      Rio Grassmyer
      Digital Marketing Administrator @ National Association of EMS Educators
    • I was able to get several donations for our fundraiser that I would never have had access to otherwise.

      Dena Birks
      Operations Coordinator @ Junior Achievement of Eastern North Carolina
    • This is the ONE! I have been requesting donations for over 10 years now and I have a huge list of donors... but my ROI was outstanding and they had MANY donors not on my list.

      Marcia Hadeler
      Fundraising Chair @ Canine Guardians
    • I built great long term relationships with two sponsors - a dessert business and a local winery - that I can now reach out to anytime.

      Qiana Wylie
      Corporate & Community Engagement Specialist @ Exploratorium
    • It’s a gold mine. TheShareWay saves so much time and makes it super efficient.

      Danisha Johnson
      Founder/CEO @ Higher Consciousness
    • To date our organization has received $170K worth of in-kind donations... we also use it track our approved donations against ones that were not approved. This helps us with our strategy and planning.

      Maria Manning
      Founder @ Magenta Momz
    • TheShareWay does the legwork and provides you direct links to the organizations’ donation pages. We have had tremendous success!

      Eric Leide
      President @ Team A.Maise
    • Finding needed goods from well-established corporate donors has truly never been easier.

      Andra Steinbach
      Case Manager @ Episcopal Community Services of San Francisco