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Learn how to bolster your fundraising efforts with Applebee's donations in our detailed walkthrough.

Seeking support for your next fundraising event? Navigating Applebee's donation request process might just be the key. As a beloved family restaurant chain, Applebee's has become a sought-after partner for nonprofits and schools looking to amplify their fundraising efforts. This guide will help you understand how to make a successful donation request to Applebee's and explore the company's philanthropic initiatives.

Does Applebee's Donate to Nonprofits?

Absolutely! Applebee's is committed to community support, though the approach to an Applebee's donation request differs from a centralized corporate program. Instead, donations are managed through various franchise operators across the country, meaning the request process is slightly different depending on your location. Here's how to proceed based on the franchise operator in your area:

Rose Group

  • Rose Group Donation Request Form
  • Rose Group operates in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. If your nonprofit is located in these states, you can submit your Applebee's donation request by filling out their online form linked above.

Scott Enterprises

  • Scott Enterprises Donation Request Form
  • This franchise operates in New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Organizations within these areas should use the above request form for their donation requests.

Doherty Enterprises

Apple American Group

When making your Applebee's donation request, it’s essential to ensure that your organization’s mission and event align with the philanthropic goals of the franchise operator you are approaching. Each form provides specific guidelines for submission. Make sure to fill in all requested details thoroughly to submit a compelling application.

What Philanthropic Initiatives Does Applebee's Participate in at a Corporate Level?

Applebee's engages in a variety of community-oriented activities beyond individual donation requests. These activities are part of a broader strategy to support various groups, including families, youth, community servers, and their own team members.

  • Supporting Families & Youth: Applebee's and its franchisees, in collaboration with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, have raised over $16.3 million for pediatric cancer research since 2005, emphasizing their commitment to child and family well-being.
  • Supporting Neighbors Who Enrich and Serve: Applebee's honors service members, including veterans, military personnel, teachers, and healthcare workers, by offering free meals on Veterans Day—totaling over 11.3 million meals since 2008.
  • Supporting Neighbors We Call Team: Through the Bill Palmer Legacy Scholarship Fund, Applebee's has awarded nearly $750,000 in scholarships to its employees and their children since 2021, aiding their educational goals.

These efforts are indicative of how Applebee's seeks to contribute to and support the communities where it operates, although they represent just a portion of the ways the company and its franchisees might engage with and support local and national causes.

What Restaurants Similar to Applebee's Donate to Nonprofits?

Apart from Applebee’s, many restaurant chains offer food and gift card donations. We've rounded up a list of other generous restaurant chains that are stepping up to the plate.

Additionally, check out our helpful guide to restaurants across all 50 states that donate to nonprofits.

Where can I find the aforementioned Applebee’s donation request information?

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