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Best Raffle Prizes for Virtual Fundraisers

Virtual fundraiser ideas for nonprofits

Though a COVID-19 vaccine rollout is underway, optimizing for digital is no longer an option for nonprofits.

TheShareWay helps nonprofits discover companies that donate food and raffle items in their cities, and we’re hearing an increasing need for virtual fundraiser ideas.

Here are some criteria nonprofits should keep in mind when hosting a virtual fundraiser:

  • Be mindful of industries that have been impacted by the pandemic: Restaurant vouchers and tickets to Disneyland likely won’t be useful anytime soon. Many of these hard-hit companies might be sensitive to donation requests, if they haven’t already suspended their donation programs.
  • Target companies that are booming during the pandemic: Grocery stores, e-commerce shops, and fast food chains, have not been as heavily impacted, and might have more to give.
  • Choose items that are not risky or inconvenient to ship: Avoid any perishable items or liquids that ship in glass. Whenever possible, opt for gifts that can be redeemed online, like gift cards or vouchers.

These are popular raffle prize ideas for virtual raffles:

  • Cookware: A variety of cookware brands donate to nonprofits. With so many families cooking at home, pans and kitchen appliances make for durable, high-value prizes.
  • Non-perishable food: Gourmet chocolates, hot-cocoa kits, or candies.
  • Makeup and skincare: Many beauty companies will donate makeup, skincare, hair care, and other cosmetics to nonprofits. The rise of self-care means that at-home spa kits would be relevant raffle prizes.
  • Outdoor experiences: Yelp is a helpful resource to find local excursions with giving programs. If you’re in the Bay Area, Sonoma Canopy Tours is the perfect weekend getaway for families.

If you're having a hard time figuring out how to incorporate raffle prize ideas into your events, see these example events from nonprofits using TheShareWay:

  • Month of Love: Easterseals’ prizes include a virtual valentine, box of chocolates, and access to a special chocolate making class.
  • Crab Feed: Bella Vista Christian Academy created unique gift basket themes such as Backyard Bonfire, Baker’s Basket, Gardener’s Delight, Pampered Pooch, and more.
  • Back to the Future Gala: Attendees of Radiant Health Centers’ event can bid on gift baskets, vacation stays, art pieces, and more.

Virtual fundraiser ideas can be just as creative as in-person ones. If the biggest hurdle is sourcing the best items to use as raffle prizes, check out TheShareWay and filter our directory for “Raffle Items.”

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