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Learn how BJ's Wholesale Club can enhance your nonprofit's fundraising efforts and contribute to your community initiatives.

Are you involved with a nonprofit or school that's gearing up for a fundraiser or auction? Teaming up with BJ’s Wholesale Club could bring some substantial benefits your way through donations that directly support your efforts. In this guide, we'll cover how BJ’s assists nonprofits, how you can kickstart your fundraising with their help, and look at other companies like BJ’s that are champions in charitable giving.

Does BJ's Wholesale Club donate to nonprofits?

Yes, BJ's Wholesale Club actively supports nonprofits through its BJ’s Charitable Foundation. This foundation emphasizes critical areas such as hunger relief, education, and health and wellness, striving to make a significant impact in the communities where BJ’s operates. For more information on how to apply, please visit BJ's Donation Request.

How can you fundraise with BJ's Wholesale Club?

BJ’s Wholesale Club offers a unique fundraising opportunity through its "Club for a Cause" program, designed specifically for nonprofits to raise funds by selling BJ’s memberships. Here’s how it works: Your organization can sell BJ’s memberships and for every membership sold, BJ’s will contribute a portion of the membership fee back to your nonprofit. To get your fundraiser started and to learn more about the benefits, fill out BJ’s fundraising form.

How else does BJ's get involved in the community?

BJ's Wholesale Club extends its community support through various impactful initiatives. Beyond direct donations, BJ’s partners with DonorsChoose to fund hundreds of classroom projects across the country, supporting educational efforts that benefit students and teachers alike. They also collaborate with local food banks, to ensure that families in need receive nutritious food, supporting overall community health and wellness.

What companies like BJ's Wholesale Club donate to nonprofits?

Like BJ’s, many other large retailers support nonprofits through in-kind and gift card donations:

Final Thoughts

Engaging with companies like BJ's Wholesale Club can provide your nonprofit with additional fundraising avenues and resources. Submitting a BJ’s donation request or utilizing their membership-based fundraising options can lead to beneficial partnerships that support and sustain your community-focused missions. Let’s get started and make your next fundraiser a resounding success!

Where can I find the aforementioned BJ’s donation request information?

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