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Explore how Chewy supports animal shelters and rescues, and learn about similar companies that donate to nonprofits.

Chewy is a household name for anyone with furry friends, as they’re a leading retailer of pet food, supplies, and other products; but could they be a good charitable partner for your nonprofit? In the realm of nonprofit fundraising, identifying corporate partners who align with your mission is essential. This blog post will clarify Chewy's approach to community aid, how it assists animal shelters and rescues, and provide insights into other companies that actively donate to nonprofits.

Does Chewy Donate to Nonprofits?

Unfortunately, Chewy does not have an open Chewy donation request program for general nonprofits. However, they focus their philanthropic efforts on supporting animal shelters and rescues through other meaningful initiatives.

In What Ways Does Chewy Support the Community?

Chewy's commitment to the community is primarily centered around enhancing the welfare of shelter and rescue animals across the United States. Here’s how they contribute:

Product Donations: Since 2012, Chewy has donated over $183 million in products to ensure shelter and rescue animals receive the quality care they deserve.

Shelters and Rescues Network: Established in 2012, this network supports animal-centric nonprofit organizations by providing several resources:

  • Custom Wish Lists: Eligible organizations can create custom Wish Lists on, which can be shared with supporters to encourage direct donations of needed items.
  • Adoption Promotion: Chewy helps promote adoptable pets to potential new owners among their customer base, facilitating pet adoptions.
  • Referral Commissions: Nonprofits in the network earn commissions whenever a new customer places their first order on Chewy through their referral.

Though they won’t accept a Chewy donation request, these initiatives show Chewy’s dedicated approach to supporting animal welfare organizations, helping them thrive and expand their capacity to care for animals in need.

What Companies Like Chewy Donate to Nonprofits?

For nonprofits seeking donations, there are several pet product retailers known for their charitable programs:

Final Thoughts

While Chewy might not offer a general donation request program for all nonprofits, its specialized support for animal shelters and rescues highlights a deep commitment to animal welfare. For nonprofits in the animal care sector, Chewy’s initiatives could represent valuable support mechanisms. Meanwhile, you might consider reaching out to the other pet supply companies with donation programs listed in this article. Good luck in your search for the right corporate partners to support your invaluable work in the community!

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