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Introducing Track, the new Apply Mode

Powerful insights and time saving features, from Sort to new fields like “Apply by” and “Response date”, are finally here.

Track, our new-and-improved Apply Mode is finally here! We heard your feedback and have made many exciting updates. You can read all about the updates here or join us in a live webinar on Thursday Sept 7th from 2 to 3PM ET. Register here.

Prioritize which donor to apply to first with new data fields in Saved

When donors are in the Saved status, you can now see four new fields:

  • Donation: We noticed many of you were writing out what each donor gives in Notes. We now pull in information on what donors typically give in the Saved view so you don’t have to click on the Donor to find out.
  • Apply by: Many of you have told us how you wish you could group your applications by application method. Yes, we heard you! Now, you can see each donor’s application method and group them with Sort.

  • Approval rate: For Pro members, you can now see donors’ average approval rates in the Saved view. This will help you prioritize applying to donors with the highest approval rates.

  • Value (avg): For Pro members, you can now see donors’ average donation values in the Saved view. You can use this data to decide which donors to apply to first.


Sort is finally here

Every column now comes with Sort for Pro and Plus members. Use this powerful feature to quickly find the donor you need.

Tracking donor information has never been easier

Now when you update an application’s status, we prompt you to enter important information about your application. Never miss a critical detail again.

Supercharge your tracking with new fields

We added these new fields to help you record important information about your donation.

  • Response date: the date the Donor responded to your request
  • Delivery method: how the donation will get to you
  • Decline reason: donor’s reason for declining the request

Access all of your data with Expand

To see and edit all of your fields, simply expand the record to the right of the Donor’s name (on mobile) or to the left of the table row (on desktop). Expand makes updating data in mobile easier than ever.

Easily find what you need with fewer fields per status

We now only display the most relevant fields for each status view. You can quickly record and spot the information you need without having to scroll to find the right field.

You might ask: I can’t find some field columns that used to exist. Where can I find my existing data? Don’t worry. We have not deleted anything. Use Expand to access all of your data.

We hope these powerful features save you precious time during your day. If you have any feedback, share it with us here.

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