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Understanding Jersey Mike’s community initiatives, including their charitable contributions and how they compare to other companies in supporting nonprofits.

Jersey Mike's Subs isn't just about tasty sandwiches, they're also pretty active in supporting their community. In this blog post, we're going to take a closer look at how Jersey Mike’s gets involved, especially with their annual "Month of Giving" campaign. We'll also check out other restaurant chains that support nonprofits with in-kind donations, giving you a full scoop on who's doing what to help communities thrive. Let’s start with the impactful ways Jersey Mike’s is contributing to communities across the country.

Does Jersey Mike's Donate to Nonprofits?

Unfortunately, Jersey Mike's does not have a direct method for nonprofits to submit a Jersey Mike’s donation request. While they do engage in charitable activities, they do not offer a program where nonprofits can apply for support or donations directly. Their community support is mainly focused through large-scale fundraising initiatives like the "Month of Giving" rather than individual donation requests.

How Does Jersey Mike's Support the Community?

Jersey Mike’s robust involvement in community support is demonstrated through their annual "Month of Giving." In March, all store locations participate by collecting donations leading up to the "Day of Giving," where 100% of the day's sales—not just the profits—are donated to local charities. In 2024, this initiative raised over $25 million, directly benefiting more than 200 local charities, such as hospitals, youth organizations, and food banks.

Moreover, Jersey Mike's has contributed millions to national organizations like Feeding America and the USTA Foundation, significantly impacting various community sectors. Additionally, their long-term partnership with Wreaths Across America highlights their commitment to honoring and remembering veterans.

What Other Companies Like Jersey Mike's Donate to Nonprofits?

While Jersey Mike’s might not have a direct donation request program for nonprofits, many other well-known restaurant chains do. We’ve listed a few here for your convenience:

Final Thoughts

While Jersey Mike's might not offer a straightforward way for nonprofits to request donations, their significant involvement in community fundraising is undeniable. For nonprofits looking to engage with or seek support from businesses, it may be worth exploring other companies that offer more direct donation programs. Remember, every company has its unique way of contributing, and finding the right partnership can significantly enhance your fundraising efforts. Best of luck in your search for support, and here's to making a meaningful impact in your community!

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