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Discover how Kate Spade supports communities and learn how your nonprofit can collaborate with this renowned fashion brand for a brighter future.

Kate Spade New York is more than just a creator of trendy handbags and stylish clothing; it’s a brand deeply invested in women’s empowerment and mental health. This blog post explores Kate Spade’s philanthropic efforts and how nonprofits can engage with the company for community impact.

Does Kate Spade donate to nonprofits?

Kate Spade New York doesn’t offer a direct donation program for nonprofits, but that doesn't close the door on collaboration. Nonprofits interested in partnering with Kate Spade can contact them through the email provided on their social impact page: This is a great starting point for discussing potential partnerships that align with the brand’s mission to empower women and support mental health.

What philanthropic programs does Kate Spade support?

Kate Spade is committed to making a difference, particularly in the areas of women’s empowerment and mental health. The brand’s dedication intensified after the loss of its founder in 2018, with a renewed focus on helping women achieve their full potential. Kate Spade aims to support 100,000 women and girls by 2025, with significant investments earmarked for global mental health and empowerment initiatives.

Kate Spade’s On Purpose program is another cornerstone, empowering female artisans in Rwanda by integrating them into Kate Spade’s supply chain and providing them with stable jobs, health benefits, and educational opportunities.

What companies like Kate Spade donate to nonprofits?

If you’re looking for other fashion brands similar to Kate Spade that support nonprofits, there are several notable ones. Here are just a few that have in-kind donation programs:

Final Thoughts

Although Kate Spade doesn't run a traditional donation program, they are eager to explore partnerships with nonprofits aligned with their mission in women's empowerment and mental health. If your organization is seeking direct donations, consider reaching out to other fashion brands that offer an in-kind donation program. Engaging with these companies can help expand your network and boost your fundraising activities. Happy fundraising!

Where can I find the aforementioned Kate Spade donation request information?

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