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Donation RequestsAug 13, 2020

Luggage Donation Request

Duffel bag, suitcase, and luggage donation request forms from companies like Herschel and Kenneth Cole

Luggages are great raffle items for any fundraiser, whether as an add-on to a travel package or a standalone high-valued raffle prize. We’ve put together a list of luggage donation request forms for your next fundraiser:

Herschel Supply Company Luggage Donation Request

Raffles and Auctions | No preferred causes

Herschel is a manufacturer of high quality bags and luggages. They value timeless design and nostalgia, and love to donate their products to organizations that hold similar values.

Kenneth Cole Luggage Donation Request

Raffles and Auctions | No preferred causes

Kenneth Cole designs a variety of luggages and carry-ons. They have extensive social good initiatives, including a product donation program.

L.L. Bean Donation Request

Raffles and Auctions | Health and wellness, Prefers Maine-based organizations

L.L. Bean specializes in outdoor recreational equipment, including luggages. In addition to a robust Community Fund, they also have a charitable giving program where they can donate specific products.

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