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How to Organize a Meat Raffle

Wondering how to plan a meat raffle? Our step-by-step guide has everything you need to create a successful and exciting fundraising event!

“Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit eating meat,” Steve muttered to himself, eyeing the juicy steaks, plump sausages, and a mountain of bacon that could tempt even the strictest vegan.

If you’ve ever had that moment of sheer carnivorous crisis, why not turn it into a fantastic fundraising opportunity? Forget the tofu and kale—let’s dive into organizing a meat raffle that will leave everyone drooling and your fundraising goals skyrocketing!


What is a Meat Raffle?

Alright, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of it. A meat raffle is exactly what it sounds like: a glorious event where people buy tickets for a chance to win various meat prizes. Think juicy steaks, succulent roasts, savory sausages, and all sorts of other carnivorous delights. It’s a bit like bingo, but with much tastier rewards!

Here’s how it works: Participants purchase tickets, usually for a small fee, and these tickets go into a draw. Winners are then randomly selected to claim their meaty treasures. It’s simple, fun, and incredibly effective at bringing people together for a good cause.

Plus, who doesn’t want to win a big ol’ slab of bacon?

How to Organize a Meat Raffle

People are catching on to what a meat raffle is, but figuring out how to organize a meat raffle can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure of where to start.

Fear not! Here’s your step-by-step guide to setting up a meat raffle that’s as smooth as butter.

Get a Prize Wheel

First and foremost, you need a prize wheel. This is your meat raffle’s pièce de résistance. A good wheel will set you back anywhere from $250 to $600, but it’s a one-time investment that’s absolutely crucial. The wheel typically has numbers ranging from 1 to 120, 180, or even 240.

Secure a Large Venue

Next, you need a spacious venue. You’d rather have too many seats than not enough—turning people away means turning away potential funds. Ideal locations include rental halls, fire halls, or VFWs. The goal is to pack as many people in as possible because more participants mean more money raised per round.

Gather Enough Meat

This one’s a no-brainer, but it’s worth stressing: make sure you have plenty of meat. The whole point of a meat raffle is the meat! Not enough winners per round can lead to frustration. Local butchers and meat departments are usually familiar with the requirements for meat raffles and can help with portioning and supply.

Not sure where to source donations of meat products for your raffle? Stay tuned and read to the end of this blog post for quick links to companies that donate meat products!


Understand the Meat Raffle Mechanics

To run a smooth meat raffle, you need to get the mechanics right. Here’s a classic setup example:

Tickets and Rounds

  • Tickets per Series: Each series has 60 tickets.
  • Series per Round: You’ll run three series per round.
  • Total Tickets per Round: That’s 180 tickets per round (60 tickets x 3 series).
  • Total Rounds: Plan for 20 rounds throughout the event.
  • Overall Tickets Sold: You’ll sell a total of 3,600 tickets (180 tickets x 20 rounds).

Winners and Meat Count

  • Winners per Spin: Each spin of the prize wheel produces three winners.
  • Spins per Round: With three spins per round.
  • Total Winners per Round: This means you have nine winners per round (3 winners x 3 spins).
  • Total Pieces of Meat: Over 20 rounds, you’ll need 180 pieces of meat (9 winners x 20 rounds).


  • Special Tickets: For the grand finale, sell special tickets, perhaps $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00, which stay in the game for multiple spins.
  • Finale Spins: The grand finale can feature 20 spins.
  • Winners per Spin: Each spin in the finale also has nine winners.
  • Total Meat for Finale: This results in 360 pieces of meat for the grand finale (20 spins x 9 winners).

Of course, this is just an example setup to get you started. Feel free to tweak and customize the format to suit your event and make it as deliciously fun as possible.

Additional Tips

  • 50/50 Raffles or Basket Raffles: Charge a small entry fee—say $5.00—and watch the excitement (and donations) grow. These can boost funds alongside your meat raffle.

  • Themed Rounds: Organize your rounds by meat type. For example, Raffle 1 might be sausage, hot dogs, and ribs; Raffle 2 could be chicken, pork chops, and steaks. A “choice of the table” round can also generate extra ticket sales as participants vie for their favorite cuts.


Final Touches for a Successful Meat Raffle

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, let’s add some finishing touches to ensure your meat raffle is a sizzling success.

Promote Your Event

Effective promotion is key to drawing a crowd. Use social media, local newspapers, community bulletin boards, and your organization’s website to spread the word. Create eye-catching flyers and posters, and consider partnering with local firms to help promote the event. Don’t forget to highlight the delicious meat prizes to entice potential participants!

Sell Tickets in Advance

Encourage people to buy tickets before the event. This not only helps with planning but also creates excitement and commitment. Offer discounts for bulk ticket purchases or early bird specials to incentivize advance sales.

Plan for Smooth Operations

On the day of the event, ensure everything runs smoothly. Set up clearly marked areas for ticket sales, prize distribution, and additional activities like 50/50 raffles or basket raffles. Have a team of volunteers ready to assist with various tasks, from selling tickets to announcing winners.

Create a Fun Atmosphere

The more fun attendees have, the more likely they are to participate and contribute. Play some lively music, have a charismatic MC to keep the energy high, and consider adding additional entertainment like a BBQ cook-off or live band.

Thank Your Sponsors and Donors

Show appreciation to the businesses and individuals who donated meat or other prizes. Acknowledge them during the event, on social media, and in follow-up communications. A little gratitude goes a long way in building lasting partnerships.

Follow-Up After the Event

After the raffle, send out thank-you notes to attendees, sponsors, and volunteers. Share the success of the event, including how much was raised and how the funds will be used. This shows appreciation and keeps your community engaged and excited for future events.


Kickstart Your Meat Raffle Fundraiser Today!

Ready to turn your next fundraiser into an unforgettable event with a meat raffle? Follow these tips and get ready to watch your community come together over delicious prizes and a great cause.

Check out these companies that donate meat products for fundraising:

Eataly Donation Request

Eataly is the world's largest artisanal food and beverage marketplace. The name stands for “Eating Italian,” which is meant to convey the history and the food culture of Italy.

Omaha Steaks Donation Request

With a 100-year history, Omaha Steaks is an expert in gourmet prime cuts of perfectly seasoned meats. They sell high-quality steaks, meats, seafood, and desserts.

Jack Link's Protein Snacks Donation Request

Jack Link's Protein Snacks produces meat snacks such as jerky, sticks, sausages, and more.

Or, check out these barbecue restaurants that may donate their smoked or prepared meat dishes:

Texas de Brazil Donation Request

Texas de Brazil is a Brazilian steakhouse chain serving churrasco—or grilled, skewered meats—with Texan hospitality.

Ray's BBQ Shack

Ray's BBQ Shack in Houston, Texas, offers authentic, smoked barbecue meats and Southern sides. Known for its flavorful food, friendly atmosphere, and Texas BBQ tradition.

Bono's Pit BBQ

Founded in 1949, Bono's Pit Bar-B-Q is an authentic Southern Pit barbecue chain restaurant. They pride themselves on their genuine, down-home pit barbecue experience and their entire menu being smoked and prepared in-house.

For a unique twist on your raffle, try offering some meat-related prizes, such as grills or smoking equipment:

Pit Boss Grills

Pit Boss Grills specializes in manufacturing high-quality, affordable outdoor cooking equipment, including pellet grills, smokers, and accessories. The company aims to provide versatile, durable, and innovative products for barbecue enthusiasts and backyard chefs.

Blackstone Products

Blackstone Products specializes in manufacturing outdoor cooking equipment, including griddles, grills, and accessories, designed to enhance outdoor cooking experiences for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

By following this guide, you’ll be well on your way to organizing a meat raffle that leaves everyone satisfied and your fundraising efforts highly successful!

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