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StoriesMay 18, 2020

Meet TheShareWay Team

Introducing the team that brought you TheShareWay

In 2018, we created TheShareWay to support those who are making an incredible impact in their community. We continue to be in awe of the nonprofits that we serve, and have enjoyed hearing their success stories.

While you may know a bit about us, we now want to share more of our story:

Hannah Yang - Founder & CEO


Why I founded TheShareWay:

In high school, I had to cold call and visit many local businesses to get food donations for our club’s event. We secured burritos from Chipotle, muffins from Mimi’s Cafe, and gift cards from Wingstop. Years later, while walking in San Francisco, I shared this experience with a friend. I told him how it would have been so helpful if a website could have told me who to call based on my city and donation category (e.g. food, beverages, or raffle items).

A few weeks later, over a weekend, a friend and I built it at a hackathon, ended up one of the top six teams, and pitched in front of 2000 people. I have never stopped working on it. I keep going for two reasons. First, nonprofits keep on signing up. We have spent zero marketing dollars since our founding. This signals to me that people need this and that we are bringing value. Second, while monetary donations have shifted online, in-kind and product donations have not. TheShareWay helps make it easier and more efficient to donate products by bringing the matching process online.

Sharing a bit more about me: I enjoy building things, writing, reading, biking, and playing tennis. Some of my recent favorite books are Give Work, One Hundred Years of Solitude, and On Writing.

Nathan Eidelson - Founder & CTO/CPO


Why I founded TheShareWay:

I co-founded TheShareWay to have an honest impact on the world with my background in software engineering and product design. Ever since traveling to Cambodia, I have felt a deep appreciation for the complexity of the world’s most pressing issues. A certain in-person humanity is required to solve challenges such as education, global health, climate change, and so on. Not only is software often not required, but it can become a costly distraction.

Ultimately, I believe that nonprofits are the conduit through which money is converted to real world impact, and the more we support the incredible work that nonprofits do the better off the world will be. If we can make it easier for businesses to support nonprofits, why not?!

Sharing a bit more about me:

Outside of work, you can find me surfing, snowboarding, or otherwise spending time outside in Golden Gate park! I tend to feel most alive on a sunny beach or at the top of a tall mountain.

Taylor Atienza - Content Specialist


Why I joined TheShareWay:

My experience in grassroots environmental advocacy granted me the privilege of working with many nonprofit organizations. I developed a deep sense of admiration for their work, and these experiences only cemented my aspirations to work and lead in the nonprofit sector.

In the fields I am most interested in—food systems and food sovereignty, environmental conservation and justice, and global development—I believe nonprofits are essential actors in navigating the most basic and pressing problems facing current generations: human and environmental wellbeing.

Thus, the opportunity to support nonprofits and their work by contributing to the directory was what attracted me to TheShareWay; hearing member success stories and feedback has been a highlight of my experiences here. The social and environmental good initiatives like contributions to carbon removal projects and major expansion in 2021 are just a few of the other reasons as to why I'm excited to support the ongoing growth of TheShareWay!

Sharing a bit more about me:

In my free time, I love painting, knitting and crochet, and portrait drawing. I'm always looking for a new art museum to explore, and I have recently been rediscovering my love for gardening!

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