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Learn more about Menards' charitable giving for nonprofits, their Scrip Fundraising program, and how to request donations from companies like Menards.

Hello, event planners and nonprofit fundraisers! In the world of philanthropy, Menards is a name that often comes up when discussing corporate donors. Today we're going to look into how Menards gives back to the community and helps nonprofits raise funds, focusing on their innovative Scrip Fundraising Program. We'll also explore similar companies that contribute to nonprofits.

Does Menards Donate to Nonprofits?

While Menards may not have a traditional in-kind donation program, they do provide an alternative fundraising approach. They offer a Scrip Fundraising Program, a strategy that helps nonprofits and other community-focused groups raise necessary funds.

How does Menards’ Scrip Fundraising Program Work?

Scrip is a program where you can fundraise by purchasing gift cards. A percentage of the profits from these gift cards goes directly to your organization. This allows Menards to help your group raise potentially thousands of dollars for your cause, all while your supporters do their everyday shopping.

Menards extends the Scrip program to religious and other nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit and community groups are allowed to purchase Scrip cards at a 4% discount, and then sell these Gift Cards at face value, with the difference being kept by the organization. These Gift Cards can be used to purchase merchandise at all Menards stores, giving your supporters the flexibility to buy what they need while supporting your cause.

However, it's important to note that these Gift Cards cannot be used as payment on a Menards credit card.

What Companies Similar to Menards Donate to Nonprofits?

If you're looking for similar home improvement companies that give back to the community, there are several options:

Each of these companies has different programs and focuses for their charitable giving, so it's essential to align with a company that shares your nonprofit's mission.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Menards operates differently from typical corporate donors. Instead of a traditional donation request program, they've chosen to implement the Scrip Fundraising Program. This program permits your supporters to contribute to your cause by doing their regular shopping. By buying gift cards at a discounted rate and selling them at face value, your organization can generate needed funds. To learn more about how this program might fit into your fundraising strategies, consider exploring further details of Menards’ Scrip Fundraising Program. As you navigate the challenging but rewarding world of nonprofit fundraising, we wish you every success in your endeavors.

Cover photo by Rakhmat Suwandi on Unsplash

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