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Northern California Donation Request

Oakland, Livermore, and Sonoma donation request applications for your next fundraiser.

Previously, we shared our top San Francisco Bay Area companies that donate. We’ve put together a new list of donation request forms from companies based in Northern California:

Concannon Vineyard donation request

501c3 Required | Prefers Local Community

Concannon Winery is a Winery located in Livermore, California. They donate certificates for private tours and wine tastings.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art donation request

Raffles and Auctions | 501c3 required

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is a non-profit organization that holds an internationally recognized collection of modern and contemporary art. It is the first museum on the West Coast devoted solely to 20th-century art.

Half Moon Bay Brewing Company donation request

Beer | 501c3 required | Prefers Local Community

Half Moon Bay Brewing Company is a craft brewery and restaurant that will donate beer.

Boudin Bakery donation request

Meals and Raffles | Prefers Local Community, Children

Boudin Bakery is San Francisco’s oldest continuously operating business. Beyond their world-famous sourdough, they also offer a range of specialty breads and dining experiences.

Clover Sonoma donation request

Raffles and Auctions | 501c3 required | Prefers Local Community, Environment & Sustainability, Education

Clover Sonoma has provided dairy products across Northern California for over 100 years. They provide product donations, monetary donations, and event sponsorships.

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