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Our Commitment to Climate

How our members support ground-breaking carbon removal technologies.

Why we are investing in climate

The best time to care about climate was over a hundred years ago, and the second best time is right now. At TheShareWay, we want to do everything within our power to fight climate with the incredible community and platform we have built.

How we are investing in climate

Starting today, any Pro member of TheShareWay is automatically a supporter of climate action at no additional cost.

We've partnered with Stripe Climate to allocate 1.5% of our revenue (their highest option!) towards carbon removal projects around the globe. This applies to all existing customers, and any new subscribers will notice this message upon checkout:

Stripe climate

What's hard about carbon removal

This part is important.

With carbon removal you get what you pay for. It is critical to ask questions such as:

  • How long does the carbon stay removed? ("permanence")
  • Who verifies that the carbon was removed, and how accurate is their process? ("verification")
  • Was your financial support required, or would the carbon have been removed regardless? ("additionality")
  • And if, for instance, you pay to preserve a forest how do you know the one next door doesn't get cut down? ("leakage")

The cheapest ways to remove CO2 from the atmosphere often perform poorly across these questions. The more expensive ways to remove CO2 perform much better, and they require more capital investment to scale (just like solar panels in the 1970s). By supporting cheap carbon removal, buyers not only have a lesser impact on CO2 levels but they also miss the opportunity to drive this new technology forward.

Why we chose Stripe

Needless to say, while many businesses want to simply "offset" their carbon footprint with as little money as possible, we want to impact climate change as much as possible. Stripe does their due diligence to ensure that your money actually results in a cleaner atmosphere by funding early, highly verified projects such as:

  • Running Tide, which removes carbon by growing kelp in the open ocean.
  • Carbon Built, which converts CO2 into a low-carbon alternative to traditional concrete.
  • SeaChange, which is using electricity to convert CO2 into a seashell-like materials in the ocean.
  • MissionZero, which is removing CO2 from the air using clean electricity.
  • TheFutureForestCompany, which is helping accelerate rock weathering in forests, thereby absorbing more CO2.
  • Heirloom, which is developing ways to help natural rocks absorb CO2 from the air.

Read more about our impact here.


We know that this is just the beginning of our long-term commitment to climate, and we are looking for ideas! Let us know if you hear of any opportunities for us to help climate change by reaching out to

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