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Find Pepsi donation request forms in several states, and donation request forms for other beverage companies.

Securing funds for nonprofit organizations can demand imaginative tactics, strategic alliances, and significant corporate sponsorships. One such corporation that offers a wealth of potential for partnership is PepsiCo. Known for its broad portfolio of food and beverage products enjoyed by consumers worldwide, PepsiCo provides more than just delicious drinks and snacks. This article aims to serve as an in-depth guide for nonprofit fundraiser event coordinators, particularly focusing on obtaining donations and sponsorships from PepsiCo, as well as other prominent players in the beverage industry.

Does Pepsi Donate to Nonprofits?

Yes, PepsiCo does donate to nonprofits. This multinational food and beverage conglomerate has a solid reputation for its philanthropic efforts, backing numerous nonprofits globally. PepsiCo's charity work is handled by the PepsiCo Foundation, focusing primarily on nutrition, water, and economic growth initiatives. Established in 1962, the PepsiCo Foundation has bestowed hundreds of millions of dollars on nonprofit organizations across the globe.

How Do I Contact Pepsi for Donation Requests?

PepsiCo offers donations and sponsorships through its regional distributors. This means that the process may vary slightly based on your location. Here's how to proceed depending on your area:

  • North Dakota: Nonprofits in North Dakota should reach out to Northern Bottling. You can make a request through their donation site.
  • Ohio and Kentucky: If your organization is located in Ohio or Kentucky, donation requests should be directed to G&J PepsiCo.
  • Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and South Dakota: Organizations operating in Madison, Green Bay, and Park Falls, WI; Rock Island, and Rockford, IL; Logansport, IN; Iron Mountain, and Sault Ste. Marie, MI; and Mitchell, SD, should submit their requests via WP Beverages.
  • Washington State:
    • For nonprofits in Western Washington State, reach out to Harbor Pacific.
    • Organizations in North Central Washington State should contact Weinstein Beverage and fill out their donation form that can be mailed, faxed, or emailed.
    • If your nonprofit is in Thurston, Lewis, or South Mason county, submit your request to Olympia Pepsi via their Sponsorship and Donations page.
  • Central Virginia: Nonprofits in Central Virginia can request donations through PepsiCo Central Virginia.

Remember that your organization's mission and initiatives should align with PepsiCo’s philanthropic focus areas. Each of these sites provides guidelines for submission, so ensure to provide all requested details for a complete and compelling application.

Does Coca-Cola Donate to Any Charities?

Yes, Coca-Cola, similar to PepsiCo, also actively participates in philanthropic endeavors. Specifically, Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED provides donations to nonprofits, enhancing community involvement and supporting causes that resonate with their corporate ethos.

For organizations operating in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi, request a Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED Donation Request. It's important to ensure that your request aligns with their charitable giving focus areas to increase the likelihood of your application being successful. Make sure to check out their specific submission guidelines when completing your application.

What Companies Similar to Pepsi Donate to Nonprofits?

Apart from PepsiCo and Coca-Cola, several other food and beverage corporations have commendable in-kind donation programs:

In conclusion, there are plentiful opportunities for nonprofits to engage with beverage corporations like PepsiCo for donations or sponsorships. Be sure to thoroughly research, align your goals, and prepare a persuasive request. Although it can be a demanding process, the potential rewards for your nonprofit organization are immense. Here's to successful fundraising!

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