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Explore the possibilities of partnering with Regal Cinemas and other companies for community support and fundraising.

Navigating the world of corporate giving can be an enlightening journey for nonprofits and schools seeking support for their fundraising events. As one of the prominent players in the movie theater industry, Regal Cinemas participates in various community support initiatives through the Regal Foundation. This blog post will explore the specifics of Regal's community engagement, address common questions regarding a Regal Cinemas donation request, and introduce other businesses that partake in similar philanthropic efforts.

Does Regal Cinemas Donate to Nonprofits?

Currently, Regal Cinemas does not offer an open in-kind donation program for nonprofits. For those hoping to find direct donations such as movie tickets or concession vouchers for their fundraising events, it's important to note that it isn’t possible to submit a Regal Cinemas donation request.

Does Regal Cinemas Have a Grant Program?

At this time, Regal Cinemas' grant program is not accepting new applicants. They are instead focusing their efforts on nurturing long-term relationships with existing partners. While this may mean fewer opportunities for new grants, it reflects Regal's deep commitment to making a meaningful impact with their established allies in philanthropy.

In What Other Ways Does Regal Cinemas Support the Community?

Regal Cinemas engages in several community support activities through the Regal Foundation. These programs are designed to connect with different community needs and preferences:

  • Summer Movie Express: This initiative offers a selection of G and PG-rated movies at reduced prices during the summer, providing affordable entertainment options for families.
  • My Way Matinee: This program hosts movie showings with adjusted settings to accommodate guests with sensory sensitivities, making the cinema experience more accessible.
  • Stars of Hope: Regal hosts this annual fundraiser where guests can contribute to the broader efforts of the Regal Foundation in supporting various charitable causes.

What Companies Like Regal Cinemas Donate to Nonprofits?

Beyond Regal Cinemas, there are several companies within the entertainment and movie industry that actively support nonprofit initiatives:

Final Thoughts

For nonprofits and schools, understanding the various ways companies like Regal Cinemas engage with communities can open up new possibilities for support and partnership. While Regal has a specific approach to its philanthropic activities, exploring options with other businesses might yield fruitful outcomes for your fundraising events. We encourage you to keep exploring and aligning with potential partners that resonate with your goals. Best of luck with your fundraising endeavors!

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