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Discover how a SCHEELS' donation request and their community engagement programs can benefit your nonprofit or school.

SCHEELS, a renowned sporting goods and entertainment retailer, stands out as a potential philanthropic partner due to its commitment to community support through donations and various outreach programs. Let's dive into how SCHEELS supports nonprofits, its community involvement, and other companies that generously assist charitable organizations.

Does SCHEELS Donate to Nonprofits?

Yes! SCHEELS actively donates to nonprofits and has a structured process for sponsorship and donation requests. Each SCHEELS donation request is reviewed by your local SCHEELS store. Nonprofits interested in partnering can easily apply for a SCHEELS donation request using SCHEELS' online donation form, which lays out all necessary criteria to ensure the support is localized and impactful. These guidelines include submitting your request at least one month in advance and keeping it local to the store in your community—making it easy for local nonprofits and schools to gain the support they need to thrive.

In What Other Ways Does SCHEELS Support the Community?

SCHEELS' involvement in the community extends far beyond financial donations, focusing on key areas such as athletics, education, conservation, and health:

  • Athletics: SCHEELS sponsors various athletic programs for youth and adults, understanding that sports teach valuable life lessons and foster community spirit.
  • Education: The company enhances educational experiences by hosting field trips and other interactive learning opportunities, like the "Walk of Presidents" and animal exhibits within their stores.
  • Conservation: SCHEELS is dedicated to outdoor education and conservation, offering programs like The Refuge Garden Project and hunters’ safety classes to instill a love and respect for nature.
  • Social Services and Health: Participating in fundraising events for medical research and covering medical expenses, SCHEELS shows its commitment to health and wellbeing in the communities it serves.

SCHEELS employees are also active participants in the community, investing thousands of hours into volunteering. Employees make a difference by partnering with the 1,300 local organizations that constitute the United Way.

What Companies Like SCHEELS Donate to Nonprofits?

For nonprofits seeking additional partners, a few similar sporting goods companies that offer in-kind donations are listed here:

Final Thoughts

SCHEELS is a prime example of how companies can significantly enhance the vitality and well-being of the communities they’re part of. With a strong commitment to supporting a broad spectrum of community programs—from sports to environmental conservation—SCHEELS not only addresses immediate community needs but also fosters long-term sustainable growth. We encourage nonprofits and schools that fit SCHEELS guidelines and are seeking assistance for their community projects to consider submitting a SCHEELS donation request. Wishing you the best of luck in your quest to secure support and make a meaningful difference in your community!

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