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Learn how your nonprofit or school can benefit from Stop and Shop’s various community support programs.

Stop and Shop, a renowned grocery store chain, not only offers a wide range of products but is also deeply committed to supporting the communities it serves. With a focus on fighting hunger and enhancing the quality of life for students, Stop and Shop engages in several philanthropic initiatives. This blog post will explore the different ways Stop and Shop assists nonprofits and schools, delve into the specifics of their School Food Pantry Program, and mention other companies that also contribute to community welfare.

Does Stop and Shop Donate to Nonprofits?

Yes, it is possible to submit a Stop and Shop donation request. Organizations seeking donations under $1,000 can directly visit their local Stop and Shop store for consideration, ensuring requests are submitted at least three weeks in advance. See Stop and Shop Donation Request for more information.

What is the Stop and Shop School Food Pantry Program?

The Stop and Shop School Food Pantry Program is a cornerstone of the company’s efforts to combat student hunger across the Northeast. Recognizing that over 9 million children in the United States face food insecurity, Stop and Shop collaborates with schools to either support existing food pantries or help establish new ones. These pantries provide essential nourishment to students from pre-K through college, ensuring they can focus on their education without the burden of hunger. Schools interested in participating can apply here.

In What Other Ways Does Stop and Shop Support the Community?

Beyond its direct donations and the School Food Pantry Program, Stop and Shop engages in various other community support initiatives:

  • Discounted Gift Cards: Nonprofits can purchase Stop and Shop gift cards at a 5% discount for orders of $500 or more, which can be used for fundraising or operational needs.
  • Community Bag and Bloomin' 4 Good Programs: These programs allow nonprofits to benefit from the sale of specific reusable bags and floral bouquets, respectively, providing an additional avenue for fundraising.
  • Comprehensive Community Support: Stop and Shop’s commitment to philanthropy extends to fighting hunger through partnerships with regional food banks, supporting cancer care and research, and assisting troops and veterans. Their holistic approach ensures various aspects of community welfare and social good are addressed.

What Companies Like Stop and Shop Donate to Nonprofits?

Nonprofits looking for additional sources of support might consider the following companies with in-kind donation programs:

Final Thoughts

Stop and Shop’s diverse array of community support initiatives provides ample opportunities for nonprofits and schools to engage in meaningful partnerships that can significantly boost their efforts. By taking advantage of programs like the School Food Pantry Program and exploring direct donation options, organizations can effectively address community needs while fostering a better environment for education and well-being. We encourage you to reach out to Stop and Shop or similar companies to discover how they can help support your mission and amplify your impact in the community. Submit a Stop and Shop donation request or explore their other community programs to secure the resources needed to make a positive difference!

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