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Find out about Ulta’s philanthropic efforts, and how to request donations and partner with companies similar to Ulta.

Boasting a wide array of cosmetics, haircare, and beauty essentials from high-end to up-and-coming labels, Ulta Beauty is a powerhouse in the beauty retail sector. In this article, we'll delve into their philanthropic initiatives, focusing on how Ulta Beauty engages with and supports the community. We'll also guide you through the process of requesting donations from beauty companies, offering insights into how nonprofits can find partnership opportunities. Keep an eye out for extra tips on securing makeup donations!

Does Ulta Donate to Nonprofits?

Unfortunately, Ulta won’t accept an unsolicited Ulta donation request from nonprofits. Their efforts are channeled through established partnerships with various organizations aimed at enhancing the lives of women and families.

What Philanthropic Programs Does Ulta Participate In?

Ulta Beauty, through its Ulta Beauty Charitable Foundation, supports a variety of causes, particularly those aimed at enriching the lives of women and families. Here’s a snapshot of their key philanthropic initiatives:

  • Breast Cancer Research Foundation: Ulta Beauty has pledged to donate $50 million to BCRF by 2024, supporting vital breast cancer research.
  • Save the Children: Partnering with Save the Children, Ulta Beauty contributes to education and wellness programs for children in rural America.
  • Dress for Success: Ulta Beauty aids Dress for Success in its mission to empower women to achieve economic independence. Contributions range from product donations to sponsoring events and volunteerism, focusing on building confidence and professional skills among women.

What Other Beauty Companies Like Ulta Donate to Nonprofits?

Although Ulta Beauty does not have a direct donation request process, organizations looking for direct donation programs can find opportunities with other beauty brands. We’ve provided a list below of beauty companies that do donate to nonprofits.

Final Thoughts

While it’s not possible to submit an Ulta donation request for in-kind support, Ulta’s extensive philanthropic work through their foundation highlights a deep commitment to community engagement. For organizations seeking donations, looking into companies with explicit donation request programs may offer a more direct path to partnership. Nonetheless, understanding Ulta's philanthropic efforts can inspire nonprofits to seek out corporate donors that align with their mission and values, fostering meaningful community impact.

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