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Discover how your nonprofit organization can partner with YETI and raise funds through their fundraising program for high-quality outdoor products.

YETI is known for its durable and high-quality outdoor products and offers a wide range of drinkware, hard goods, and soft goods that are perfect for fundraisers. But did you know that they also have a corporate social responsibility program? In this blog post, we will discuss how YETI gives back to the community and how nonprofit event planners can partner with YETI to raise funds for their cause.

Does YETI donate to nonprofits?

Unfortunately, YETI does not offer in-kind product donations to individuals or organizations, but they do offer discounts on select products available through the YETI Fundraising Program. This program is available to qualified nonprofit organizations with an active 501(c)(3) status.

What is the YETI Fundraising Program?

Nonprofit organizations with an active 501(c)(3) status can apply for the YETI Fundraising Program which allows qualifying organizations to purchase YETI Tundra® Hard Coolers and Rambler® Drinkware at a fundraising discount. All products purchased through the program must be used for fundraising initiatives, and blank products purchased through the program may not be resold. However, custom products with your organization’s logo may be resold for fundraising initiatives.

To check your eligibility, please apply for the YETI Fundraising Program. Be sure to fill out the application in its entirety, as incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Qualified applicants will receive quotes within 1-2 business days.

If your nonprofit organization does not qualify for the YETI Fundraising Program, you can still purchase products through their Corporate Sales bulk discount program.

Who is qualified for the YETI Fundraising Program?

To qualify for the YETI Fundraising Program, your nonprofit organization must meet certain qualifications, including having an active 501(c)(3) status and providing a copy of your 501(c)(3) IRS Determination Letter. All products purchased through the program must be used for fundraising initiatives, and the order minimum is $350.00 after discount (excluding tax and shipping).

What other companies like YETI offer in-kind donations?

Although YETI doesn’t offer nonprofits in-kind donations, the following companies are similar and offer product donations. Select any of the links to be directed to that company’s donation program information.

How does YETI give back to the community?

YETI is committed to sustainability and minimizing the environmental impact of their products and operations. They have set goals that address key segments of their value chain, from materials and manufacturing processes to packaging and customer engagement. YETI is focused on addressing the areas of greatest environmental impact to make a positive difference.

In addition, YETI believes in the importance of protecting the places they love, and are committed to ensuring that communities have access to a healthy and thriving wilderness for generations to come. In 2021, YETI empowered leaders in the outdoor space, community groups, and consumers through partnerships, sponsorships, and product donations valued at $1.2 million to help conserve and restore the wild around the world.

Final Thoughts

Partnering with YETI for your fundraising initiatives is a great way to offer high-quality outdoor products while supporting a company that values corporate social responsibility. Apply for the YETI Fundraising Program today and start planning your successful fundraiser!

Cover photo by Colton Strickland on Unsplash

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