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Alaska Airlines

Donating in all states
Alaska Airlines takes you to the sky to travel to destinations nationwide. They provide four ways to fly (first class, premium class, main cabin, and saver fare) so that everyone can travel to their next destination in whatever style they choose.

What they donate

Donation depends on request
Donation is small & easy to send to guests

Who they donate to

Supports organizations that engage young people furthest from opportunity to achieve their future career goals, organizations focused on underrepresented communities primarily focused on: women, LGBTQ, veterans, and people of color, organizations who are devoted to environmental sustainability by preserving the communities we love, and nonprofits focused on providing economic equity for individuals and families.
501(c)(3) required
Capital projects; Endowments or Private Foundations; Rotary; Golf Tournaments; Guilds; Individual requests; Organizations whose prime purpose is to influence legislation; Pageants; Pass-through donations; Prizes for incentives; Publicly or privately funded educational institutions; Religious, political or fraternal organizations; Scholarships; School auctions, PTA events, booster clubs, graduation parties are not eligible; Sports team events; Silent Auctions and online Auctions; Memorials; Walks/Runs without employee engagement
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The Foundation
January 2023·Declined
They have an online portal where you can actually track the progress and see what stage the request is in which is cool! However, although my organization fit many of the boxes, I received an automated decline notice stating they only donate to orgs that belong to "(missions that align with my NPO)"
January 2022·Declined
They do not donate items for silent or online auctions
Hi-Liners Musical Theatre
February 2023·Approved
Alaska was great and easy to work with! They were quick to respond and very informative! Information was easy to input and was very seamless.