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American Eagle Outfitters is a global fashion retailer, selling trendy clothing and lifestyle goods.
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501c3 · Children
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This donor was very quick to respond and send a gift card
Blake Grannemann Scholarship
They were fast to respond to our request. I found out our request was granted when I received the gift card e-certificate through email. They rock as a company in support of school districts!!!
Las Animas School District RE-1
No response
Operation Wakulla, Inc.
Easy to request and quick to reply!
CSRA Heat Volleyball
Very easy application process and very quick response. less than a week. Very appreciative for the support.
Very popular raffle item
The Hemophilia Foundation of Greater Florida
We never had any contact with American Eagle. However, when we saw our donation in the mail, made us very happy. Our veterans are going to be excited to have the donation that American Eagle donated. Thank you again.
MOI Foundation