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Bay Area Discovery Museum

Donating in San Francisco Bay Area (CA)
The Bay Area Discovery Museum is a children's museum located in Sausalito, California. Their STEM-focused, interactive exhibits like a three-story treehouse and woodshop inspire creativity and develop problem-solving skills.

What they donate

1 pass good for 5 admissions
Donation is small & easy to send to guests

Who they donate to

Supports local children's programs in education, the arts, and sciences
501(c)(3) preferred
Religious organizations; political organizations; Birthday parties; Camps
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·3 reviews

Bishop Elementary School PTO
February 2024·Approved
Bay Area was very quick and generous in responding. They provided 5 one- day passes.
Campbell CERT
January 2024·Declined
Kindly sent a denial within 12 hours. We're grateful for the quick response. They invited us to try again another time.
Dup15q Alliance
June 2023·Declined
Prompt response (within 4 minutes). Declined donation request. Polite, albeit generic, response. Did not provide a reason why. Didn't appear they took time to consider request.