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Donating in NY
Canon is a leader in digital imaging solutions. While they are best known for their cameras, Canon's innovation has also led to the creation of focus lens systems and printing technologies.

What they donate

Donation depends on request, monetary support
Donation is small & easy to send to guests

Who they donate to

Local communities, environment, and youth support
501(c)(3) required
Individual needs; Private foundations; Merchandise for events, promotions, partnerships or advertising; Financial aid; Fundraising activities such as galas, benefits, dinners or sporting events; Goodwill advertising, Activities of religious or fraternal organizations or political causes; Research studies; Athletic teams, events or sponsorships; Special events, celebrations, parades, festivals, pageants or raffles
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Kettering Mayor's Party for a Purpose.
March 2023·Declined
Almost automatic response that they admire our mission but could not donate. I appreciated a response, even if it was a 'no', it's helpful for us to know. We hit all the causes they support so I assume they are just overwhelmed. I appreciated the opportunity.