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Donating in WI
Carmex is a manufacturer of lip care products. They are most famous for their red and yellow packaging, along with an original lip balm formula that is made to protect against cold, wind, and dry weather.

What they donate

Lip care products
Donation can be shipped to you

Who they donate to

Supports local organizations focused on health and well-being
501(c)(3) preferred
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·9 reviews

March 2023·Declined
They seem to be here mostly for advertising purchases and give nothing to anyone.
The Rotsky Foundation for Mentors
February 2023·Declined
almost immediately received a no response
Louisa May Alcott school
December 2022·Declined
As soon as I made the request it bounced right back that they could not provide a donation. Like it was computer generated.
Ms Berry Cares Fondation
October 2022·Declined
The Ashe Arts & STEM Academy
August 2022·Declined
They gave a quick no with no explanation as to why.
June 2022·Declined
A very fast no to items for attendee bags.