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Dairy Queen

Donating in Twin Cities Metro Region (MN)
Dairy Queen is an American fast food and ice cream chain, famous for their Blizzard® treats, Dilly® Bars, dip cones, and other ice cream creations. They also serve burgers and fried chicken dishes.

What they donate

Dairy Queen Dilly® Bars (up to 5 cases per request), "Dilly® Bars For A Year” certificate
Donation can be picked up
Donation is small & easy to send to guests

Who they donate to

Supports organizations that support children and families, including those that create opportunities for special needs children that may not otherwise exist; promote safe, healthy, nurturing environments where children can belong; offer educational, recreational and mentor opportunities and/or; support residents of low income communities/meeting basic needs
501(c)(3) required
Individuals; Schools; Third-party fundraisers; Government, political or religious organizations; For-profit
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Vets R Us, Inc.
April 2024·Declined
Denied - Focus giving efforts on nonprofit organizations local to their headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. We have a DQ 20 miles from us and we are in a rural part of the state.