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DavidsTea is a specialty tea retailer with the largest collection of organic teas and infusions in North America. They are passionate about sustainable and ethical sourcing of their teas.
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Tea products, tea accessories, and other items for raffle, auction, or gift bag inserts


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User rating
Denied due to restructuring
Soroptimist International of Santa Clara Silicon valley
Even though they denied us due to their budget, they did tell us to try again in the future if needed.
Catholic Academy of Niagara Falls
While we did not receive a donation, DAVIDsTea was quick to respond which is always appreciated. Also, they are located in Canada, so I guess not donating makes sense.
Justin Delivers Hope
No response
Operation Wakulla, Inc.
not able to donate at this point in time
Quick polite email response but unable to donate.
Assistance League of Santa Ana
Responded within 2 days. Professional and polite but unable to donate because of budget restrictions and previous commitments.
The solicitation was easy to submit, and they were very kind when informing us that we were not selected.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yellowstone County
Quick response, very friendly, and sent us a wonderful donation
Took a few days to reapond
DavidsTea was super responsive and supportive to Sebastian's Village of Friends. They provided us with a great gift box as a perk for our fundraising effort. I would highly recommend contacting them for your fundraising efforts. I will again in the future.
Sebastian's Village of Friends