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Dinosaur World

Donating in FL, KY, TX
Dinosaur World is a family theme park with locations in Florida, Kentucky, and Texas. They feature over 150 life-size models in natural outdoor settings, as well as a fossil dig, playground, museum & more.

What they donate

Two (2) admission tickets
Donation is small & easy to send to guests

Who they donate to

Prioritizes community events that focus on children and education
501(c)(3) required
Events benefiting for-profit organizations or a single person or family
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·2 reviews

Big Dog Golf Tournament
April 2023·Approved
Admission tickets came in the mail within days of application being submitted. Easy to work with this donor!
Operation Wakulla, Inc.
August 2022·Approved
Very quick response to our request and generous donation of 2 admission tickets for our fundraiser.