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La Colombe is a responsibly-sourced coffee roaster that is "changing the way we view coffee" through unique blends and brewing education. They are just as passionate about serving quality coffee as they are uplifting coffee producers.
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501c3 · 44 day notice · Equality, Local Community, Environment & Sustainability
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Request for a product donation denied. Took about 6 weeks to receive a response.
Thank You La Combe for your generous donation. I received it on time.
Feeding A Multitude of Central Texas
Easy to work with, sent a gift basket with 4-5 items
Great company to work with, very fast.
Long Island United States Bowling Congress Association
Be patient. I heard back about a month later, 12 days before my event. They shipped the coffee ASAP and were great to work with!
National Association of EMS Educators