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Lush is a mission-driven cosmetics company that sells creams, soaps, shampoos, scrubs, masks, and more. Their sustainable, hand-made products are beloved across the world.
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Beauty products such as creams, soaps, shampoos, shower gels, lotions, moisturizers, scrubs, and masks


120 day notice · Environment & Sustainability, Equality, Animals
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Does not donate to religious education schools.
St. Patrick Catholic Academy
That sinks you don't donate to a school function.
Westfield Community School PTO
Easy to request, long time to answer but well worth the wait! We got awesome products, delivered professionally. Super great organization to work with!
Really good response time they kept me updated with shipping. They communicated efficiently everything came on time and was shipped quickly . Very helpful and great communication.
So easy. Response time was long, but well worth it!
Be patient, due to COVID-19 all businesses have been catching up on donation requests. LUSH was well worth the wait and the entire staff from initial contact through final shipment and delivery were professional. I hope my organization has the luxury to work with LUSH again in the future.
Team A.Maise