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Project Glimmer

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Project Glimmer aims to build confidence in a girl's life through donations to 'forgotten teenage girls.' These gifts help inspire ambition in these girls, transforming lives in all 50 states.

What they donate

Mother's Day Gift(s), Graduation Gift(s), Holiday Gift(s), Personal Care product(s), One-on-one career coaching, Empowerment Academy (8-session virtual leadership program for high school girls)
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Who they donate to

Supports organizations that empower and support teenage girls and young women, including those related to foster care, after school programs, safe housing, employment and job placement, physical and psychological help, medical care and emergency services
501(c)(3) preferred
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September 2021·Approved
Hands down, the most gracious and generous peer organization we've worked with. The staff could not be sweeter, and the product donations are ALL top-of-the-line beauty and skincare products. Cannot recommend them more highly!