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Raising Cane's is an American fast-food chain famous for their fresh, made-to-order chicken fingers.
Donates in:All states except for CT, DE, FL, ID, IN, ME, MD, MI, MT, NH, NJ, NY, ND, OR, PA, RI, SD, VT, WA, WV, WI, WY

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Monetary donations, Raising Cane's merchandise, food, or gift card(s)


501c3 · 28 day notice · Local Community, Poverty & Homeless, Animals, Art & Culture, Education, Wellness & Fitness
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User rating
Very disappointing experience. I filled out the form for food donations for an event I host at a title one school each year. Last year, Olive Garden donated over $500 worth of food to my students, and I was hoping Canes might do something similar. At first, I was told we could work something out, but to call back when the event was closer, and so I did. During my next conversation, I was told the best they could do was an 80 cent discount on a meal with no drinks. I specifically filled out a donation request, and was told they could work with me. It seems ridiculous that they couldn't donate a few hundred dollars worth of food since it would be a tax write off for them, as well as good PR, plus they'd be giving back directly to kids in their community. They certainly throw away hundreds of dollars of food probably daily, so it was disappointing to say the least.
Neff Middle School GT
We received a $100 gift basket. They were excellent, Response was really quick.
His Little Feet
I did get an error message when I submitted so was not sure it went through but did receive an auto-response & then sent a message back about my issue - I heard back within 48 hours with a donation
The Rotsky Foundation for Mentors
Excellent,Excellent; 24 hour response received
Madden Hills Neighborhood Association
Fast, easy and very professional. We got our request approved and are very excited about it!
Provo High School
The application process was easy and we received a response right away from our local Raising Cane's. They donated a great gift-basket and coupons for a free-kid's combo to all of our students!
Lindsey was GREAT! She got back with me immediately and provided a few baskets that were SOOO cute - the participants in the fundraiser loved them! Lemonade was a hit! She was super responsive as well as the local manager.
Executive Strike and Spare: Good Time Friday Nighters Bowling League
Super quick response with a donation of a gift basket
JMJ Youth Services
I was so shocked I heard back within 24 hours. Super easy to work with and love what they offered for my nonprofit.
They sent us an adorable basket with free food, tshirt, stuffed dog and more!
Life Point Church
Very prompt response, very nice & giving! Will receive two gift baskets for our event, thank you so much!
Ms. Berry Cares Foundation
I signed up with ShareWay today and filled out an application for Canes. A manager called me within an hour and had some gift baskets to donate to the event. This was such a smooth experience. We run a youth shelter, early childhood development, and counseling and all these donations help so many families. Thanks again!
Crossroads Youth & Family Services
We are very grateful for Raising Cane's generous donation! They donated a lovely gift basket for our raffle.
National Association of EMS Educators
Unbelievable response time -We cant thank Canes enough for helping our non-profit put a smile on the kids face.
Smile Honey Child VR Youth Non-profit
Heard back within a day. Had the donation within a week.
Raising Canes was awesome! Responded yes and sent the gift basket out that week.
Garden Center Setvices- serving adults w/disabilities
Amazing, I contacted the local restaurant and they gave me 2 gift baskets with a stuffed dog wearing glasses with gift cards and a cooler.
Cornerstone Christian Academy
Donated a gift basket to our auction
They responded quickly and were able to help out with a generous donation.