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Strider Bikes is a balance bike company focused on giving children as young as six months old the best first-bike experience. Strider Bikes revolutionized the bike’s design to develop a child’s balance and pairs each balance bike with a proven learn-to-ride process.

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Supports organizations or programs involving the youth
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·17 reviews

The Rotsky Foundation for Mentors
March 2024·Approved
simple & easy process! gave us a 40% off coupon
Catholic Academy of Niagara Falls
December 2023·Declined
Their main focus is All Kids Bikes. They did offer 40% off though.
Maggie's Rose
October 2023·Declined
They gave us a discount to purchase a bike.
PKD Foundation
July 2023·Declined
They responded with a % off coupon which did not work for my organization.
May 2023·Declined
They were very responsive, they stated that they are currently contributing to a specific program but offered 40% off.
Citizens EMS
May 2023·Approved
40% discount to help with a silent auction item. Quick to respond - Thank you.