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Strider Bikes is a balance bike company focused on giving children as young as six months old the best first-bike experience. Strider Bikes revolutionized the bike’s design to develop a child’s balance and pairs each balance bike with a proven learn-to-ride process.
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User rating
Prompt response once donation request was submitted, but instead of a straight donation, they offered 40% off a purchase. Unfortunately, for a small non-profit, funds for these type of things are not in the budget.
Charter School, Oregon
They replied right away. Thy are unable to donate, but offered us a percentage off of purchase. We are considering it.
St. john's PTO
Requested one bike for raffle item for fundraiser. They only provided a percent off to purchase a bike. Not in our budget.
Operation Wakulla, Inc.
They have you complete forms only to receive a coupon to buy one and get one for free. We are a nonprofit trying to get 250 new bikes donated twice a year for our foster kids that are abused abandoned and neglected. The price was too high and the you have to buy one was not feasible for our nonprofit charity.
They want you to purchase the item for raffle and offer a 50% discount. Not something that works for our group.
They couldn't provide a donation but because we are a 501c3 they offered us TWO bikes per year at 50% off! These will make awesome raffles for our Christmas event!
Spouses' Club of Lewis-McChord
They gave us 50% discount on two bikes per calendar year! The bikes are their number one seller (18T- 5 years)! These bikes will bring a bunch of raffle ticket purchases and bids for our silent auction at two separate events we have planned for 2022!
Spouses’ Club of Lewis-McChord
Offered 50% off bike and shipping. Paid and received within a week. Amazing service! (They offer up to 2 50% off a year)
Brooke Erin Posey Foundation
Was not offered a donation. Emailed back with a 50% a bike.
Very quick response! They could not donate now with the pandemic but offered to sell me their most popular bike valued at $139.99 at 50% off & they will pay shipping in 48 of the 50 states.
The Rotsky Foundation for Mentors
Very quick respond and delivery.
Very quick respond and receipt of item.
Quick response, friendly specialist, Jennifer was a point person, very professional and kind
Responded pretty quickly
They didn't give a donation, but offered to let us purchase an item for our event at 50% off with free shipping. The offer is good for 2 items within a 12 month period.
43rd Street Kids Preschool