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Target Corporation is the second-largest discount retailer in the United States. They sell groceries, home decor and essentials, electronics, toys, and more.

What they donate

Gift cards ($25-50 value, with the maximum donation of $500 per year)
Donation is small & easy to send to guests

Who they donate to

501(c)(3) required
to view approval rates and average donation values

·20 reviews

Desert Foothills Library
January 2024·Approved
Very kind employee through HR.
Jaguar Legacy Center Inc
December 2023·Declined
Went to my local Target to submit an application for a donation to my nonprofit and was denied the next day through email by the store manager who stated they get tons of requests and can not approve them all. My request was for $100 gift card.
August 2023·Approved
Super, Super Easy. So fantastic!
One Bread Foundation
June 2023·Approved
Fantastic! I went to my store and spoke to HR who submitted my request to corporate and I got the gift card the next day. We greatly appreciate Target's support for our mission!
Connecticut breast health initiative, Inc.
April 2023·Approved
Very easy filled out a form at store had a e-gift emailed less then a week.
St Johns Food Bank
March 2023·Approved
I had to keep on top of it I asked for 500.00 to buy food but only received 50.00 still grateful