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Target Corporation is the second-largest discount retailer in the United States. They sell groceries, home decor and essentials, electronics, toys, and more.
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Gift cards ($25-50 value, with the maximum donation of $500 per year)


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User rating
Was told that no Target stores hand out gift cards and that if I wanted to try and get one, I would have to write a letter to corporate...
I turned in the required paperwork as requested to the store, never heard back. checked about a month later and HR had lost the paperwork. Resent the paperwork on 9/27 and was told i would receive a egift card from Target. It is now 10/12/22 and still have not received a gift card or a response.
Sustainable Renton
Very simple donation request and wonderful, quick response! So grateful that Target is willing to help provide gifts for our homeless and needy children this Christmas.
The Renaissance Foundation
Quick response $300 gift card received
willing to help veterans fast response
Warriors Wangling Walleye
I filled out the form & brought it to the customer service counter at my local Target & the girl was leaving it on the Human Resources person's desk for her to respond to me. Less than a week later I received an electronic gift certificate for $50.
The Rotsky Foundation for Mentors
We have not receive a donation, but looking forward
ReDefiners World Languages
very generous quick to respond
Warriors Wangling Walleye