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Described as the "Edible Arrangement" for the bros, The Bro Basket is a company that caters to everyone looking for a gift package full of beers, popcorn treats, golf tees, and all things bro-y.
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User rating
Prompt response once donation request was submitted, but instead of a straight donation, they offered 30% off a purchase. Unfortunately, for a small non-profit, funds for these type of things are not in the budget.
Charter School, Oregon
The only offered a 30% coupon.
Corinth Holders High PTSA
Only offered a 30%,off coupon for our online holiday auction and suggested to use it to purchase something or just auction off the coupon. We will not auction coupons.
Corinth Holders High School PTSA
Only offered a percent off coupon to purchase something. This was not in our budget.
Operation Wakulla, Inc.
Responded within days, didn't offer a basket donation, but a 30% off.
Billy's Legacy Foundation
Received 30% off coupon..
They want you to buy something so they only offer a 30% off coupon.
I have not heard from this company and the time frame to respond has past.
Application process was very easy; however, we never heard from them. Not even a confirmation email.
Very quick response Offered 50% discount online
Quick response and shipping. Offered s discounted items. Very wonderful to work with.
The offered a 50% off code for their site
Their form doesn't work.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yellowstone County
The response time from the donor was within 2 weeks. Received email with discount code.
50% off coupon.. so got a gift card for $100 for $50.. Which is nice better then nothing.. BUT they charged me 2 times so in the end i ended up paying $100 for $100..
They only sent a 50% coupon for one item. They did not donate anything.
I received an email for 50% off
Cherry River Little League
Only gives 50% of coupon, no actual items
They don't give donations, just 50% off coupons.