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The Walt Disney Museum

Donating in San Francisco Bay Area (CA)
The Walt Disney Family Museum features the life and legacy of Walt Disney in the San Francisco Presidio. Through their exhibits, they aim to inspire future generations to keep imagining and persevering in pursuing their goals, just like Walter Elias Disney.

What they donate

General admission tickets
Donation is small & easy to send to guests
You may receive donations every year

Who they donate to

Supports organizations and programs in the local community that focus on arts and culture, education, health, environmental issues, and animal welfare
501(c)(3) required
Summer camps or other workshops and special programs
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·7 reviews

Leland Bridge Parents Group
October 2023·Approved
Approved with very fast response
February 2023·Declined
Appreciated quick no response.
McKinley Elementary DogFest
January 2022·Approved
Very quick response and very generous
September 2021·Approved
Certificate for Four (4) Complimentary General Admission Tickets ($100 value)
April 2019·Approved
Fill in the form accurately.
April 2019·Approved
I expressed how the donation could be used in our silent auction and that we have many families attend the event.