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Tito's Vodka came to fame for its unique flavorings and smooth delivery. The corn-based, pot-brewed, gluten-free spirit originated in Austin, Texas, and remains in its hometown to this day, standing as the oldest legal distillery in Texas.
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501c3 · 30 day notice
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User rating
They gave us 2 bottles of vodka plus tons of promo items.
Dare to empower
Submitted an application late August for an event mid November. They got back to me this week confirming that they are sending a gift basket with their branded items (no alcohol) - easy to work with - the first time we have applied! Thanks Tito!
Very easy to work with, great communication. He said he would sent the box out to me and I received it with in a few days. Sent a wonderful box full of great items for the basket. No bottle of Vodka but that's ok I can purchase one.
sustainable renton
Easy, friendly emails. Branded items, dog related branded items, no vodka which is ok for our purposes.
Great to work with and received a wonderful and generous donation
Tito’s was fantastic to deal with. Kayla was so accommodating and friendly. Beautiful basket with a bottle of vodka and some fun Tito’s branded items.
They do not donate vodka. They send you all branded Tito items like glasses, tee shirts, pencils, dog bowls, signs etc. While it is generous, expect no alcohol.