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Walmart is an American supermarket chain selling groceries, home and personal goods, clothing, electronics, and more.

What they donate

Gift card(s) and products sold at Walmart
Donation is small & easy to send to guests

Who they donate to

Walmart hasn't listed any preferences or eligibility criteria.
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Women of expectation
November 2023·Declined
First time working with donor
Agape Charity House for Kids, Inc.
November 2023·Declined
Show Approved, but have NOT received an Donation.
Agape Charity House for Kids, Inc.
October 2023·Declined
Have not heard from Walmart. Walmart report that Agape Charity House for Kids, has been Approved, BUT Agape has NOT RECEIVED ANY DONATIONS.
Caterpillar 2 Butterfly Outreach Center
July 2023·Declined
I don't know if it's just my Wal-Mart, but no one even knew how to handle my request and I had to wait a long time for someone knowledgeable to even come talk to me about it. They first tried to tell me that the donation process is only online, but I said I was only asking for an in-kind donation and that was in person. Then they said they stopped accepting those requests years ago.
JH Outreach
June 2023·Approved
It was smooth process, I did have to go in store to apply and then follow up with a call.
Rooted 2 Serve, Inc™
February 2023·Approved
I had a wonderful experience. I was welcomed and gladly had the opportunity to meet the Store Manager and General Managers. They were eager to help my organization. We are excited to be doing a greatness in our community with the help and support of a wonderful company.