Public Policy Grant

From Adolph Coors Foundation

The Foundation supports organizations that promote the western values of self-reliance, personal responsibility and integrity. The Foundation places a high priority on programs that help youth to prosper, encourage economic opportunities for adults and advance public policies that reflect our nation’s founding principles. They also prioritize entrepreneurship, integrative medicine, and mentoring for youth.

Type of Support


The Adolph Coors Foundation has funding priorities including youth and youth development, adult work programs, entrepreneurship, integrative medicine, and public policy.

Public policy funding priorities:

  • Enhance understanding of the free enterprise system
  • Preserve the principles upon which our democracy was founded to help ensure a limited role for government and the protection of individual rights as provided for in the Constitution
  • Encourage personal responsibility and leadership
  • Uphold traditional American values

Preference is given to organizations exhibiting aspects of the following list:

  • Year-round programming
  • Transformational outcomes
  • Total mission alignment, please don’t pull out one small program that might be a fit (exceptions for rural)
  • Direct service organizations
  • Organizations that strongly align with our foundation’s funding priorities
  • Strong leaders, strong financial health
  • Bereavement
  • Pregnancy centers
  • Community centers


Organization's Location
Program Location
Organization Type
Organization Budget And Years
Organization has existed for at least 1 year


Adaptive or winter sports programs
Animal or animal-related projects
Arts or arts-related projects
Books and publishing
Church or church-related projects
Conferences, seminars, or event sponsorship
Credit counseling
Debt reduction
Domestic violence shelters
Emergency and basic services (food, housing)
GED classes
Health organizations (disease-specific and national)
Media or film-related projects
Museum or museum-related projects
Organizations with international components
Preschools or daycare centers
Programs and organizations receiving 50% or more of revenue from government sources, including fee-for-service contracts
Research projects
Schools (public, charter or private), including higher education and associated foundations
Senior programs (nursing homes, extended-care facilities, respite care)
Start-up funding (organizations and programs must be in operation for at least one full year)
15k – 175k


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