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The Antonio V. Glassberg Educational Foundation is dedicated to providing scholarships for physically challenged students to attend private elementary, middle and high schools.

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The Foundation expects that it will award tuition scholarships for the benefit of physically challenged students in grades K thru 12 (1) with financial need; (2) with either (a) a record of academic achievement or (b) the potential and the desire for academic achievement.

Recipients who meet the eligibility requirements will be selected based upon their needs relative to other applicants and the anticipated impact the scholarship will have on the life experiences and success of the recipient. The selection criteria may include (1) the severity and expected duration (whether or not permanent, such as limb loss) of the applicant’s physical disability; (2) the applicant’s academic potential, as may be demonstrated by his or her ability to be admitted to a private school, especially a private school of excellence; (3) substantiation of the applicant’s financial need, as may be provided by such applicant’s educational institution; and (4) additional information and documentation that may be requested by the Foundation as part of each individualized application and selection process.


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