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The Barney Family Foundation was born out of the Barneys’ desire to aid those financially less fortunate. It is the goal of the Foundation to offer people an opportunity for a new beginning.

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The Barney Family Foundation's primary focus is in the educational field, particularly children in grades K-8. The Barney Family Foundation places significant emphasis on giving children the opportunity for a better education. We want to be convinced that a project we fund will lead, over time, to significant improvement in children's life experiences and as such, favor proposals that describe a plausible and practical chain of events leading to tangible results for children. From organizations that work directly with children and families, to teachers and other frontline workers, we look for fairly simple, original ideas embedded with a strong plan for their implementation. We expect strategic impact from organizations engaged in research, policy analysis, advocacy, or other work that does not touch children directly. ​

As stated, we focus primarily on early education (generally elementary school with the occasional high school) as well as healthcare research (primarily cancer and Alzheimer’s). Established organizations have a better chance, but start-ups are welcome to apply as well. We would like to see a good business plan as well as explanation of who will benefit.


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Organizations devoting a significant portion of their activities in attempting to influence legislation or participating in political campaigns on behalf of candidates for public office
Governmental bodies or tax-supported institutions for services that fall within their normal responsibilities
5k – 50k


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501(c)(3) Letter
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Barney Family Foundation, 130 South Canal Street, Suite 9T, Chicago, IL 60606-3919