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The Barr Foundation's mission is to invest in human, natural, and creative potential. They support stewardship that nurtures and enhances vital community assets, and strive to serve as catalysts for breakthrough ideas that shape a collective future.

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The Barr Foundation’s Education Program focuses on the transformation of the public high school experience to advance excellence and equity for young people—especially for students of color and other systemically marginalized students—across New England.

We pursue this goal through three interconnected strategies:

  • We catalyze new models by supporting school and system leaders while they collaborate with their communities to envision excellence and equity in their school, to plan and prepare for how to get there, and to make transformative change.
  • We invest in educators through supporting the development of a diverse, skilled, and effective workforce of teachers, school leaders, and system leaders who deliver high-quality instruction and bring new school models to life.
  • We build public will by supporting partners who elevate the experiences and voices of students, parents, and educators to build awareness, demand, and the conditions that incentivize excellence and equity in schools.


Organization's Location
Program Location
New England (CT, ME, NH, RI, VT, with preference for MA)
Organization Type
501(c)(3) (such as school support organizations and advocacy groups)
Public high schools


Individuals or funding scholarships
Program-related investments
Capital projects
Event sponsorships
not specified


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