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The Botstiber Institute for Wildlife Fertility Control (BIWFC) advances reproductive management as part of an integrated approach to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts and promote coexistence worldwide through education, outreach, and engagement. BIWFC is an institute of the Botstiber Foundation.

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BIWFC will now focus its grantmaking on tackling both systemic and interdisciplinary issues that impact wildlife fertility control’s viability and sustainability as an essential field in various place-based settings.

In keeping with this new approach to grantmaking, BIWFC will no longer release RFPs and will not accept unsolicited proposals. However, if you have identified an issue that resonates with BIWFC’s new focus and you are confident that you have the organizational capacity and expertise to collaborate in addressing the pivotal concern that you have identified, then please send an Executive Summary to Your document, not to exceed 250 words, must identify the issue, why it is of critical importance to the viability and sustainability of wildlife fertility control, and your ability and capacity to collaborate in order to address the issue. If your concept resonates with BIWFC’s new grantmaking focus, someone will get back to you.


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