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Cold Noses' mission is to prevent animal suffering and improve the bond between humans and animals. They are committed to helping animals in need by funding small, boots on the ground rescue organizations accomplish their goals.

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The Cold Noses Foundation Inc. Grant program is for the purpose of helping organizations fund special projects relating to humane treatment of animals, finding homes and non-lethal alternatives to euthanasia, veterinary care for needy families or organizations, and humane education. Cold Noses Foundation will grant funds to any organization that qualifies that is enhancing the lives of homeless and neglected animals. CNF will only provide funding for programs that fall into one of the following categories: Domestic Pets, Wildlife, and Farm Animals.

The grant application window is based on your project location. You may be based in one geographic location but applying to help animals in another. The area in which the animals are located and the project is being held determines your geographic location (for example, you may be registered in Texas but only provide medical for animals in Mexico, so you should apply for Central and S. America quarter). Please view the Cold Noses Foundation site for more information.


Organization's Location
Program Location
Organization Type
501(c)(3) or international equivalent
Organization Budget And Years
Organization's annual budget is less than 200k


Private Charity or Foundation
Religious Causes or organizations
Political Causes, Candidates, Campaigns or organizations
Organizations whose primary purpose is to influence legislation
Any foreign or domestic organizations previously found by Cold Noses Foundation to not adequately or truthfully use previously funded grant monies for the purpose intended
Any organization found to contain members on the list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons (SDN’s)
Any domestic organization found to be serving as an agent for or a channel to a foreign charitable organization
Any organization found to be connected with or to be organized in the following four locations: Cuba, Iran, Sudan or Syria
2k – 5k


You may submit applications every year. You may receive awards every year.
Required Attachments
Organizational Budget
Review Criteria
  • Cold Noses favors proposals that are in locations of the world where animal welfare is at a critical or urgent need of help and that also reach out to the local community.
  • We’re also looking for proposals that are fiscally sound and logical, have measurable outcomes, reach multiple animals and have sustainable characteristics