Davis Family Grant

From Davis Family Foundation

The Davis Family Foundation is a public charitable foundation established by Phyllis C. Davis and H. Halsey Davis of Falmouth, Maine, to support educational, medical and cultural/arts organizations located primarily in Maine.

Grant uses


Educational: Colleges, universities, and other accredited educational institutions are encouraged to apply. Trustees will also consider requests from other educational organizations_ _whose purpose is to improve academic outcomes for Maine students, provided that they meet some or all of these four criteria:

  • The organization works directly with schools.
  • The organization has certified teachers on staff or offers programming approved by certified teachers.
  • The organization has a formal curriculum with educational goals that connect to Maine standards.
  • The organization enhances learning by offering credit or certification.

Medical Organizations: Hospitals, clinics and medical research organizations are encouraged to apply. Trustees will also consider requests from other health organizations for programs designed to increase the effectiveness of medical care.

Cultural/Arts Organizations: Organizations whose customary and primary activity is to promote music, theater, drama, history, literature, the arts or other similar cultural activities.


Organization's Location
Program Location
Organization Type
Fiscally-sponsored organizations
Colleges and universities
Hospitals, clinics, and medical research organizations


Organizations with a project that aligns with the Foundation, but whose organizational primary mission does not fall within a primary funding category
Human services/social services organizations
Religious programs
Public elementary and secondary schools
Charter schools, although requests for startup funds are eligible
Youth organizations with no academic or medical mission
Schools which receive financial support from a church or other religious organization
Health/Medical organizations with no licensed clinician
Organizations outside of New England, unless the project is 100% Maine based
509(a)(3) organizations
not specified


You may submit applications every 36 months.
Required Attachments
501(c)(3) Letter
Organizational Budget
Project Budget
Form 990
Audited Financial Statement
Contact info
(207) 846-9132
Davis Family Foundation, 30 Forest Falls Drive, Suite 5, Yarmouth, ME 04096
Review Criteria

Grant writing tips from trustees

  • Keep It Simple.
  • Be concise. There is a maximum specified for each question.
  • Be sure to answer the specific questions asked.
  • Focus more on solutions than problems. We want to know how you’re going to achieve the results of your project more than why.
  • Include data versus vague descriptions.
  • Be sure your budget makes sense, it’s often the first thing we look at. Be sure your math adds up and it is in line with the action steps you’re proposing to take. If you receive a grant, you will be asked to report back using this budget showing the actual income and expenses compared to the original estimates. Be sure it’s in a form that you can track.
  • After you finish writing your application, send it to someone unfamiliar with your nonprofit and project to solicit feedback.