The Springboard Fund

From Durfee Family Foundation

The Durfee Foundation believes that smart, innovative, passionate people are our most essential force for progress. Durfee foundation programs provide breakthrough opportunities for extraordinary people in Los Angeles.

Grant uses


  • Support dynamic leaders who apply creative, community-driven strategies to challenges in LA county
  • Assist emerging community organizations in advancing to the next stage of their development
  • Link new leaders with established mentors who can guide their organizational path


Organization's Location
Program Location
CA (Los Angeles County)
Organization Type
Organization Budget And Years
Organization's annual budget is less than 250k
Organization has existed for fewer than 5 years

Organizations eligible to apply must:

  • Be located in and serve Los Angeles County with a social benefit mission
  • Focus on applying an inventive strategy to a community issue
  • Have dynamic and effective leadership that comes from the community it serves
  • Engage multiple stakeholders — people, communities, organizations — for input and accountability 
  • Have a program that is already underway
  • Be in operation for less than five years 
  • Have a feasible action plan to animate a big idea through identifiable, concrete steps
  • Be at a critical developmental stage so that Springboard funding can be at a tipping point for success
  • Have an annual budget of $250,000 or less
up to 70k


Contact info
Review Criteria

Please consider the grant criteria below carefully to determine whether your mission, organization, and timing are a good fit. It is especially important to determine if the timing is right for you to apply – far enough along to be past the idea stage, but still in need of the endorsement of start-up funding. Declined applicants may reapply, but only once. A phone call is required in advance of a second application. Each Springboard application will be considered in light of these questions: