Medical Education Grant

From The Eisai U.S. Foundation

The Eisai USA Foundation, Inc. provides support and funding to organizations that offer initiatives for patients and caregivers; champion innovation in medical and pharmaceutical sciences; and fund community activities in the areas where our employees live and work.

Grant uses


Eisai may provide funding in the form of an educational grant to support bona-fide educational programs and activities which communicate the most current disease awareness, scientific and medical information to the medical and healthcare community to improve patient care. Eisai is currently accepting medical education grant applications for the following therapeutic areas:


  • Alzheimer's Disease (Early AD only)


  • Adverse Reaction Management
  • Breast Cancer
  • Endometrial Cancer
  • Head and Neck Cancer
  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma
  • Real World Evidence
  • Renal Cell Carcinoma
  • Thyroid Cancer

Educational Grants, including Continuing Medical Education (CME), that may be considered for funding include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Accredited educational activities and programs (e.g., ACCME, ACPE, ANEC)
  • Programs without CME or other Continuing Education credits that are independent and not brand specific (e.g., grand rounds programs)
  • National/regional scientific and medical congresses, conventions, conferences and symposia
  • Overall conference support for hospitals, medical centers, university medical schools, regional/local medical societies
  • Enduring materials (e.g., CME publications, monographs, etc.)
  • Fellowships and scholarships (only those affiliated with a teaching institution, hospital, or medical/scientific association or society and commensurate with activities to be performed where the individual recipients are not selected by Eisai or its co-promote or business partners. Note: Scholarships to sponsored CME programs are not allowed)
  • Medical education events delivered via the Internet, CD-ROMs,teleconferences, web casts, etc.
  • Patient/caregiver education relating to medical or public health information (Materials must be developed by grant recipient)


Organization's Location
Program Location
Organization Type
Body or a representative from an ACCME-accredited (or equivalent) provider
National/regional medical/scientific organization
University or other teaching institution
Hospital or similar healthcare facility
Third-party medical education company that is either itself accredited or is affiliated with an accredited CME provider


Individual healthcare providers or groups of healthcare providers in private practice
Organizations that have been previously awarded an Eisai medical education grant but have not provided the required budget reconciliation
Debarred institutions, organizations or groups
Requestors involved in any activities related to the promotion of any Eisai products for two (2) years prior to the submission of their grant request
Vendors who have provided, either directly or indirectly, both services or support for accredited CME programs and activities and Eisai’s promotional services within the two (2) year period (Note: requests from these vendors may be approved only if the Educational Grants Review Committee determines that any actual or potential conflicts of interest have been adequately minimized by the vendor’s structure or practices (e.g. firewall exists))
Payments to individuals for any educational activity
Costs associated with funding or sponsorship of meals at a CME conference
Charitable contributions, runs, walks, gala events and other fundraisers
Support linked to product purchase, pricing or rebate negotiation, or access to formulary
Sponsorship of meetings where the Company receives benefits such as corporate recognition, product logos, or advertising (e.g., Gold Sponsorship of patient advocacy groups) without any associated educational program / activity
Registration fees, travel expenses, continuing education credits, and other costs for non-faculty participants or HCP attendees
Consulting, professional or other business arrangements (e.g., advisory boards, commercial product booths, etc).
Support for activities where the Company selects the speaker or program content (e.g. lunch and learns, Company-sponsored Speaker Programs, branded Grand Rounds)
Costs associated with display space, table top fees or exhibit booths for Eisai
Programs that plan to use Company personnel as speakers or consultants
To an individual, group of HCPs or physician practices
Recreational events or entertainment for meeting attendees
Support of promotional activities
not specified


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Organizational Budget
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