Journalism & Storytelling and Justice Grant

From The Field Foundation of Illinois

Our mission is to center racial equity to achieve community empowerment through art, journalism and storytelling, justice, and leadership investment.

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The Field Foundation seeks to invest in organizations working to address systemic issues in divested communities. The Field Foundation is committed to investing 60% of its portfolio in BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) organizations throughout the Chicago area. BIPOC organizations can be classified in the following way: By, for, and about serving BIPOC individuals, cultures, and communities.

The Field Foundation seeks to change how news production and storytelling reflect Chicago and create a more equitable, connected, and inclusive local media ecosystem—in which the stories of all Chicagoans are told accurately, fairly, authoritatively and contextually.

The Field Foundation’s Justice portfolio seeks to support organizations working to address the root causes of inequity and systemic racism through community organizing, advocacy, and policy. This looks like community organizing campaigns—driven by communities of color on Chicago’s South and West Sides—that engage community members directly impacted by inequities, challenge the status quo, demand changes in policy and practice, educate communities about root causes, and advocate for systemic and just solutions.


Organization's Location
Program Location
IL (Chicago)
Organization Type
Fiscal sponsors
Fiscal Agencies


Direct services to individuals, families, or communities
Capital campaigns
Schools or school programs for schools
Social services that are not linked to a clear organizing strategy
15k – 50k